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Film and television scoring

We have written a lot of tv themes in the last ten years. If you need a unique and original sound or want a lush orchestral affair it’s no problem. We use the latest orchestral packages to give stunningly realistic and expensive sounding results.we also can write to picture.


Review in Collaborators/Experts Reviews by oliverstoned of our Quintessence remastering work

5 stars Absolute masterpiece. Sorry, but i had to begin this review by these strong words. This freshly unreleased 1971 double live album is an unexpected gem (and the word is weak) which expand a lot Quintessence's discography.

This is rare enough to be precise : not only this concert has been very well recorded in 1971 , but the CD transfer is a success too : for one time the sound is neutral and musical with great presence, no over-compression which makes this CD a delight to listen to, even on ambitious audio systems, which is rarely the case with « rock » records. Thanks a lot to Hux records for this great mastering job. This is the kind of CD release which may save the CD industry ! « Infinite love » is easily the release of the year in vintage progressive rock.

Our recent mastering and remastering work also includes original albums for new artists as well as sound restoration on  seminal recordings by artists such as John Martyn, Vincent Crane and enormously well received The Pentangle boxed set.

CD Mastering is essentially the stage of the audio production process that enhances digital audio before replication, duplication or radio play. Through creative compression, equalization and limiting, your digital audio is brought up to "radio" "CD" standards.

mastering creates a better separation between all instruments. It will give the kick drum more punch, make the guitars sound fatter, and the vocals will flow with the mix without being masked. CD Mastering gives your mixes more clarity, consistency and presence.

Post Production

Recording voice overs and creatively dubbing sound to picture with an extensive sound fx library .

Record Production

Every record needs an experienced producer to pull it together. Someone with a knowledge not only of the technology but also the music.

Sound Design

Your television production, website, company or campaign may need more than just a single piece of music.
We can design an entire sound world tailored to your needs.Recent work includes the pre show music sequence for the Moviehouse cinema chain

Musical direction

Cormac has worked for over a decade as a musical director for entertainment programmes on the BBC and channel 4.We can arrange a highly energetic and skilled
house band for you to realise your production.

Location Recording

From recording school concerts and operas professionally to providing a final mixed master ready to send to the duplication plant

Studio Equipment

Cubase and  protools  recording systems on PC and Mac computers
Focusrite ISA preamps and analog to digital conversion
Focusrite outboard compression and dynamics
Tlaudio fat 2
RME fireface800, Digidesign 002 ,Maudio Delta 1010  and Mackie spike
Mackie HR824 monitoring
Maudio 5.1 Surround monitoring
Kiwi,Rode , Akg , Tdk, shure, SE Electronics  microphones
UAD 1 and 2 effects processing including 1176, LA2A, Fairchild 670, Neve eq and spl TD emulations
Various amps and instruments- anything can be sourced.

Hire Equipment

PA equipment , DJ gear and instruments. See our sister companies website Rhubarb Training




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